Wednesday 28 September 2011

Black Spinel

“Sophistication with a timeless quality…”
Black spinel is a gemstone that is relatively unknown to consumers due to its rarity. It is an opaque, jet-black version of the red spinel, which with its brilliant sparkle is often mistaken for the ruby. These days, where most gems undergo routine enhancement treatments, black spinel can stand proud as a gem requiring nothing more than cutting and polishing to bring out its inner beauty. If you want a totally natural and untreated black gemstone – black spinel is the one!

Spinel is a mineral similar to corundum and is often found in ruby and sapphire bearing areas. Spinel comes in a variety of colours but the relatively rare opaque black variety is only found in a few areas – traditionally Thailand is the main source but Australia is also a major producer.
There is a wealth of mythology surrounding black spinel. It is believed to protect its owner from harm, to reconcile differences, and to console sadness. Some say that black spinel is the stone for people born on Saturday and it is the recommended gift for the 22nd wedding anniversary.  While in Western culture, black may be associated with evil or mourning; in other cultures, black may represent power, fertility or wisdom. In any case, black is the essence of style and sophistication with a timeless quality that means it will never go out of fashion.
Everyone has a little black dress! These are dresses you can rely on and are fond favourites of celebrities. A black spinel gemstone piece of jewelry is the perfect match for this classic look. 

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